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More and more people are looking for alternative ways to sell their Motorhomes, as the list of potential pitfalls to the private selling process seems to grow year on year. At Berkshire Campervan hire we have a great solution for you.

What will we do for the seller?

A totally hassle free service from the start of the journey to finish

If you are in the Berkshire/ Hampshire area we will give you a market valuation for your Motorhome or Campervan and work with you to achieve your best price, reflective of the market conditions at the time of valuation. We will then take away the hassle, time and expense of advertising your Leisure Vehicle on the major websites such as eBay and Auto trader. We will also list your vehicle on our own website.

Preparing your vehicle for sale

We will test and review your Motorhome or Campervan and highlight any potential problems there may be before listing it for sale and if needed work with our localy skilled engineers at a very reasonable price to make sure its ready for sale and get it all resolved before any potential viewings. We will host all viewings of your vehicle, and demonstrate how everything works to potential buyers at a time that is mutually convenient for everyone. We will also handle the financial transactions and ensure that you have received payment before your Motorhome or Campervan before it is released.

Your vehicle stays with you throughout the whole process

If you are in the Berkshire / Hampshire area we will come to you and Money in your bank before you hand over the keys to any motorhome or campervan.

How much will it cost?

Nothing, to you its totally free!

The cost of all this? Free. We agree a price and timescale for us to sell your vehicle that you are happy with(normally 45 days), and then we market the vehicle slightly higher rate to reflect our margin. If we sell, the extra covers our advertising costs, travel and time, then any remaining is ours as a commission. If we do not sell your Motorhome or Campervan, there is nothing to pay. We work much like an estate agent, we work between buyers and sellers, but with a much narrower margin than Motorhome or Campervan dealers. The result is that you achieve the price you wanted without having to pay to list the vehicle on different websites, nor do you have to deal with people and situations which, quite frankly can be rather frustrating at times. We have years of experience in dealing with people, and with Motorhomes and Campervans and how they operate. But most of all we know how to look after customers and give them a great experience, managing their expectations and most of all keeping them up to date with all activity.